Cueva de los Cerebros

Cave of Brains

  • Dive from shore
  • Advanced and experience divers only
  • Maximum depth 13 meters inside the cave

Cueva de los Cerebros, also known as The Cave of the Brains, derives its name from the corals found inside, which resemble brains. We consider this cave the best cave diving spot in Tenerife, but it is only available to advanced divers with excellent buoyancy skills. The dive requires special preparation and takes up more time, and ideal weather conditions must be met. We offer one long dive here with entrance to the water from the beach.

After entering the cave, we find ourselves in a large chamber. The cave has several tunnels, reaching a length of up to 70 meters. At the end of the longest tunnel, you can emerge inside the cave and breathe fresh air. Stingrays, crabs, and lobsters inhabit the cave, and you can often observe shrimps cleaning themselves. We can reach a maximum depth of 13 meters inside the cave.