Shipwreck in Tabaiba

  • Diving from shore
  • For advanced divers
  • Diving up to 33 meters
Tabaiba is a small town in the north of Tenerife, next to the capital of Santa Cruz. About 50 meters from the shore there is a sunken wreck of a towing ship, which used to work for the largest Spanish oil company. After reaching old age, it was sunk in 2006 to create an artificial reef, and a great place for divers. We reach Tabaiba by car, which takes about 45 minutes from the Dive Spot Dive Center. We use a ladder to enter the water. The shipwreck is 33 meters deep and its mast reaches 12 meters. We do two dives here.

During the first dive, we circumnavigate the shipwreck, observing it on several levels. The anchor is located a few meters from the shipwreck, and creates a monument dedicated to a diving instructor who used to work and live in Tabaiba. Usually, many groups of fish swim around the wreck, including barracudas. We also encounter octopuses and rays here. For deep divers, it is possible to reach a depth of 40 meters.

On the second dive we also go to the shipwreck, this time much closer. The ship can be penetrated inside. Together with experienced divers, we enter the farthest and deepest nooks and crannies. Being in a sunken ship is truly awesome. The Shipwreck in Tabaiba is the best wreck diving spot in Tenerife.