Palm-Mar Cave - Bufadero

  • Dive from boat
  • Recomended for for advanced divers 
  • Depth between 7 and 40 meters

This place is located between Los Cristianos and Palm-Mar, facing the cliffs called Montaña Guaza. We depart by boat from Los Cristianos port, which is approximately 10 minutes away. We offer two different dive sites suitable for divers ranging from OWD to Deep Diver level. We consider them to be the best boat diving spots in Tenerife.

The first dive site is the Palm-Mar Cave. We begin by diving to the first rock shelf at a depth of 18 meters, where we often encounter turtles that swim very close to divers. We can also find moray eels hiding between the rocks.

With advanced divers, we descend to a depth of 33 meters to reach the entrance to the cave, which has a memorial cross in front of it. Inside the cave, we can observe stingrays resting, and nearby, there is a statuette of the Mother of God.

It is possible to dive deeper, to a depth of 40 meters while admiring the rock formations. Here, we often encounter stingrays of different species, even including giant manta rays.

Our second dive site is Palm-Mar Wall / Bufadero. We begin at a depth of 7 meters. This location is a favorite of turtles and stingrays, and we can also see large groups of various species of fish here. We can dive to a depth of 18 or 30 meters.