Becoming a Divemaster with Diving Atlantis

As part of the Atlantis group, Divespot closely cooperates with Diving Atlantis, a diving center in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. We asked one of their team members to share what his daily life is like, working as a Divemaster, and to provide some helpful information for anybody interested in becoming a Divemaster themselves.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius
Did you ever dream of living in a paradise? Good news: as a Divemaster, you will be able to work in all the best places around the world. The great news? Underwater, it is even better!

Change your life for the best!

Several diving centers offer internships in Tenerife, but among these schools, I chose Atlantis because of the great atmosphere and the helpful people who work there, making my diving experience even more interesting. Sharing these amazing moments with friends underwater is incredible!

Diving Atlantis has been working in Tenerife since 2014, when we started as a small dive center. We grew throughout the years, thanks to our great team of instructors launching more activities like kayaking. And now we are happy to be one of the most famous dive centers in Tenerife and to open our doors to interns, teaching them to be professional divers.

Diving is more a lifestyle than a job. Every day is different, and you meet people from all around the world, mostly coming here for holidays.

When you become a Divemaster, your main activity will be leading and animating fun dives, try dives, and dive courses on a daily basis. This means your role is to let the clients experience a beautiful day in safety, while you’re helping them improve their diving skills and have some fun. As a Divemaster, you will also assist instructors with advanced courses. At the dive spot, you’ll brief divers about local facilities, emergency procedures, and what to expect underwater, like navigation, marine life or hazards.

Becoming a Divemaster is easier than ever. You just need to enroll on the Divemaster internship with us. The length of the internship depends on the level of your diving certificate and number of logged dives that you have fulfilled till now. Therefore, you need to inform us about your experience, and we will calculate how many weeks the internship will take.

What are the tasks of an intern in Diving Atlantis center?

You will assist all diving and kayaking programs led by our team. Before and after the tours, you will help in preparing and cleaning the shop, the customer area, and the scuba gear; welcoming customers and assisting them with paperwork and possible questions; preparing the clients for diving and kayaking tours. In between the dives is a good opportunity to share your experience with the customers. What’s amazing is that you meet new people every day, and one common trait of divers is that they are open minded. It’s lot of fun!

You will also oversee the shop and possibly even post the latest pictures or videos of our dives on the diving center’s social media.

Before the day’s over, you’ll help the team with rinsing the gear, filling the tanks, and making sure the shop is ready for the next day — before joining divers for an after-work drink.

What are the costs to be expected?

All courses and dives are free, but materials and PADI certificates are not. We will cover all your PADI courses up to Rescue Diver. You will need to pay for PADI e-learning with materials that each divemaster has to own. The price is 230 euros. To book the internship, you will need to send us that amount, and we will open an e-learning account for you, so you can start studying immediately.

Upon finishing the Divemaster course, we will send your application to PADI with your bank details. Within 2-3 weeks PADI will charge you about 120 euros from your bank account for the certificate.

You will also need to complete a DSD Leader course in order to be able to guide clients on introduction dives. The price for this license is already included.

Who are we looking for?

Where there is a will, there is a way!
Working in diving is a great challenge! Therefore, we need team members who are opened to being challenged. This means we are looking for someone who is ready to learn and to overcome the obstacles along the way to glory!

In general, you don’t need previous experience in diving, but you need to:


    • Understand and speak English

    • Be in good physical condition

    • Love the ocean and show respect for aquatic life

    • Have an open mind and respect other cultures

    • Be able to work in a team and support your teammates

    • Be eager to learn and focus on progress

    • Be committed, flexible, and customer-oriented

Candidates with qualifications or experience in any of the following skills will receive special consideration during the recruitment process:


    • Photo/video editing

    • Social media/website management

    • Sales and marketing

    • Management

    • Administration

    • Animation (tourism)

    • Languages: Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, French, Dutch, Italian

    • Driving license

    • Mechanics (cars/boats)

    • Electricity/Welding/Construction in general

    • Sports: Diving, Kayaking, or others

What we offer:


    • Accommodation

    • Commissions on sales

    • Full courses up to Divemaster, trainings from A to Z with extended courses

    • Discounts on equipment

    • Discounts on excursions in Tenerife

    • An amazing lifestyle in a multicultural team and a sunny beach environment

    • Real life experience with clients from all over the world

    • Non-diving related training

    • The possibility to get involved with different key activities of a dive center

    • A personal follow-up of your progress and a training program adapted to your needs

    • 5 days per week training & free diving on days off

If you choose to do your Divemaster internship with us, you’ll be fully prepared to pursue your dreams in scuba diving, to become an experienced and multiskilled PADI Divemaster. You’ll have great career opportunities all over the world, eventually become an Open Water Scuba Instructor, and all of this while living in the beautiful sunshine of the Canary Islands.

If you are ready for this adventure or if you have any questions, please send your CV to or contact us by phone/text/WhatsApp (+34)671-40-89-70 (ask for Ekaterina).

We hope to see you on our team!

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