Las Eras

  • Dive from shore
  • All divers levels
  • Diving up to 18/30 meters

We drive to Las Eras, about 30 minutes by car. We begin our diving experience at a picturesque beach where we’ll do two dives. The dive site at Las Eras has very rich underwater life, and you can often spot rays and possibly even angel sharks here.

During the first dive, we’ll immediately spot a statue of a dolphin and a Buddha. We’ll slowly descend the rock ledges created by the lava and come across a variety of interesting fish and animals. Once we reach a depth of up to 25 meters, we’ll see stingrays resting on the sand.

The second dive takes us shallower to about 16 meters deep. We’ll pass through an underwater tunnel that’s about 10 meters long. Throughout the dive, we’ll be accompanied by many species of fish.”