Montaña Amarilla

Yellow Mountain

  • Dive from shore
  • All diver levels
  • Depth from 5 to 20 meters

“Montaña Amarilla” is a very famous place in Tenerife. It is considered one of the best dive sites for both divers and tourists visiting the “Yellow Mountain.” Photographers come here to take beautiful photos during sunset. For divers, Montaña Amarilla offers two amazing underwater routes. We enter the water using a ladder placed on the rock.

The first dive is up to 20 meters deep. On the way, we swim through the rock arch. We dive along the underwater mountains to the cave. In those areas, we often see rays, eels living under the sand, and often an angel shark.

On the second dive, we dive shallower, up to 8 meters deep, along the volcanic reef to a place called the Dinosaur Cemetery. Rock formations look like dinosaur bones. On the way, we observe reef animals. We often see a turtle living here, and the entire way we are followed by fish that like to accompany divers.