Diver with DPV

Advanced Courses & Specialties

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  Advance – 2 days / 30 meters                345,00€  265,00€
  Rescue – 2 days                                          395,00€  298,00€
  EFR – 1 day                                                  195,00€  148,00€
  Divemaster – 5 days                                 585,00€  525,00€


  Deep Diver – 2 days                                   345,00€  259,00€
  Nitrox (EAN) – 1 day                                  245,00€  183,00€
  Wreck Diver – 2 days                                 345,00€  259,00€
  Night Diver – 2 dives / 2 days                  295,00€  225,00€
  DPV scooter INTRODUCTION                  245,00€  215,00€
  DPV scooter LICENSE                                 345,00€  295,00€


Diving courses and specializations.

Grow and be a better diver. There are two training ways for this. First, develop your qualifications and receive a higher dive rank after completing the diving course. Secondly, learn new skills by joining the diving specialization course. Check out the most popular ones we have selected. By following the link you can read more and book training.

Diving levels in recreational diving.

Courses table

SD and OWD

Beginner Courses. Scuba Diver up to 12 meters deep and Open Water Diver up to 18 meters deep.

Advanced / Adventure

Advanced course with a maximum diving depth of 30 meters.

EFR and Rescue

First aid training and rescue diver course. Increases safety and experience in the event of an emergency.

Divemaster and Dive Leader

The first professional level that allows you to work at the Diving Center as a guide, trainer and assistant instructor.


A level that allows the teaching of beginners and advanced divers. Examines candidates and accepts the granting of diving licenses.

The most useful and interesting specializations.


Specialization table

Deep Diver

Raises the diver’s qualifications to the maximum depth in recreational diving of 40 meters.


EAN Enriched Air Allows divers to use breathing gas enriched with oxygen up to 40%. This allows the diver to stay underwater longer due to the change in the decompression limit.


DPV Diver

The underwater scooter is great fun, it allows you to see more spot in one dive.

Wreck Diver

Techniques of penetration sunken shipwrecks with safety ropes.

Night Diver

Teaching night diving, safety and navigation rules.