Rays Bay

Playa De Los Tarajales

  • Dive from shore
  • All diver levels
  • Depth up to 12 meters

One of the best dive spots in Tenerife, located in Los Cristianos on the Las Tarajales beach. It’s in the center of the southern tourist zone, and is
conveniently located right in front of our dive center. We enter this spot on foot, from the beach.

This spot is available for all diving levels, making it perfect for both beginners and advanced divers. We do two different underwater routes here, with depths of up to 12 meters.

The dive site is characterized by a volcanic reef rich in underwater life. The various species of rays found here, including the Bull Ray, Grand Stingray, Small Stingray, Eagle Ray, and Butterfly Ray, are particularly noteworthy. Additionally, we can also see moray eels, octopus, Triggerfish, and a variety of small reef fish and animals. It is quite common to spot an Angel Shark here as well, making it one of the best spots for night dives.