Balito / Marazul

  • Diving from shore
  • For advanced divers
  • Depth between 7 and 30 meters

El Balito is an old abandoned harbor in the town of Marazul. It is a
place with beautiful views inhabited only by campsites and lizards. We
enter the water by ladder. We do two dives here in different directions.

On the first dive, we slowly descend to a depth of 26 meters, where there is an arch with a chimney. For deep divers, it is possible to reach 40 meters. Usually, after reaching 30 meters, we rise to large rock formations. Two of them form the arch we pass through. We often meet stingrays and many species of fish here.

The second dive is shallower, reaching a depth of about 12 meters, but it is just as interesting as the first dive. We visit the famous cave and caverns with an arch. We move along the rock formations, observing the rich underwater life.