El Poris

  • Dive from boat
  • All diver levels
  • Depth from 7 up to 30 meters

The Bufadero dive site is located about 5 minutes by boat from the port of Los Cristianos. Once everything is ready, we will begin our descent along the cape where we will encounter a rocky, volcanic bottom. The shallowest part begins at 7 meters, and it’s important to look up, as a turtle might surprise us with its presence.

As we continue our descent, we may come across some old fishing cages where, with careful observation, we can see some seahorses. As we approach the sandy area, it’s possible to spot different large rays, some barracudas, and the largest school of fish that can be found here, with thousands and thousands of fish that can easily make us lose our sense of direction. Make sure to look up at some point, as it’s possible to see dolphins in the deepest area, at a depth of 30 meters.