• Diving from shore
  • All divers levels
  • Average depth of 12 meters

Abades is approximately a 25 minute drive from our dive center. We enter the water from a small port beach. It is an excellent dive spot for beginners and interesting for advanced divers. We offer diving courses and try dives at this location, and we do two dives here with different trails.

During the first dive, we search for turtles as we move along the volcanic reef to reach underwater meadows covered with sea grass. Turtles come here to eat, and if we’re lucky, we may also spot angel sharks or seahorses. The depth is about 12 meters.

The second dive takes us to the reef opposite the bay, where many species of fish live. We can find octopuses and crabs hiding in the rocks, and a group of barracudas often swim above us. If the amount of air in the tank allows us, we’ll reach a small cave at a depth of 18 meters. It’s also possible to go deeper, reaching 30 meters or more. The average depth is around 12 meters.

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