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Dive Package for certified divers

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1 Dive In Ray Bay                      40,00€  35,00€
1 Day / 2 Dives                            70,00€  56,00€
2 Days / 4 Dives                       130,00€  104,00€
3 Days / 6 Dives                       185,00€  148,00€
4 Days / 8 Dives                      235,00€  188,00€
5 Days / 10 Dives                     290,00€  232,00€


Diving in Tenerife – Characteristics

The island of Tenerife boasts many diving spots, located far away from each other. However, all of these diving spots are easily accessible from the shore, and there is no need to reach them by boat. We travel to our dive destinations by car, and dives start from the coast. In some cases where access from the shore is not possible, we use a pontoon boat type Zodiac/RIB from the nearest port. Almost everywhere we can make 2 or more dives with different destinations.

Vulcanic reefs and rocks provide an amazing opportunity to explore unique spots and caves. They create excellent conditions for sea life, both big and small animals. The water temperature ranges from 18 to 24 degrees, depending on the time of year. The most comfortable way to dive is to wear a 5mm neoprene wetsuit and boots.

Get to know more about the best diving spots on Tenerife from the descriptions on our blog.

Course of activity

We usually start at 9:30 am at our diving center. Trips involving boat dives or destinations further away may have different start times. Divers who have booked a pickup, will be picked up earlier from their hotel.

Divers must fill out all of the required forms, prepare their gear and make the payment before the dive begins. Payment needs to be made in cash on the first day (read about our best price policy).

The preparations may take up to 40 minutes. Our diving center has a designated area where divers can store their personal belongings. Next, we pack the car and head to the dive spot. After a short briefing, we make our first dive. There is a one-hour break between dives to prepare for the next dive. We advise bringing snacks and water. Note that we do not provide snacks. The second dive is different from the first, with a different route, depth, and destinations. The return to the diving center is usually around 2 or 6 pm, depending on the trip distance.

Choosing the place

We do not have a permanent diving schedule for the whole day. The diving spots are selected based on the preferences, experience, and weather conditions of the divers. Typically, we create separate groups for beginner and advanced divers. Most of the interesting diving spots allow for several interesting dives with different routes. We offer diving from the pontoon boat and from the shore. On Tenerife Island, most of the interesting diving spots are better accessed by car due to the large distances.

Reservation rules and package choosing

To make a reservation, first choose the diving package you are interested in (number of days). The package list can be found at the top of the page, on the right of the image. After choosing the package, read the reservation instructions.

Remember these rules: packages cannot be shared with other divers, each diver must purchase their own package. A diving day always consists of 2 dives and they cannot be shared or transferred to other days. Unused dives during the chosen day result in the loss of that dive. Be sure to read our rules, such as the Best price policy, Policy of cancellation, Terms & Conditions.